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Nov 14, 2017

Wally, Gdub, and Hollywood late in the game join the Kid in the 1401st episode of the Goin’ Deep Show.  On the show, we play the perv pool game and pick out who will be next to get harassment claims. We also destroy the room with Wally farts, figure out that women never use their sexuality to get what they want and the Kid gets a ball check. We talk workouts and the lame reasons that people feel the need to share. We get the details on Louis C.K. jerking off and Wally gives us a way to publicly grope women and tells his old lady to start to get touchy-feely. Go Deep.


INTRO - GDub, Wally

  • 1:00 What’s on Tap - Shit Beer
  • 2:00 Stop the censor bullshit. Stop the PC Police. Stop harassing the flirt #metoo
  • 3:00 No women bends over to get what they want. Are we serious. 30 years ago?
  • 4:00 What? An over the top gay man? No way!
  • 4:30 Guys are in trouble for groping
  • 5:00 Don’t brush against anyone now a days to avoid being a molester
  • 6:00 Mariah Carey? Seriously? Is that hot?
  • 7:00 Wally wants to get groped more by his old lady #metoo
  • 7:30 Where are the ugly chicks who can’t or don’t get groped
  • 8:00 The hashtag for them is stop eating
  • 8:30 Couples workout - vs the vomitorium
  • 9:00 Back in the day where was the burn?
  • 9:30 Ride the Bell - Fuck Facebook
  • 10:00 Reasons the Kid said fuck Facebook because of Don Tang
  • 10:30 Hollywood arrives in a very smelly studio
  • 11:00 Wally stunk up the entire studio
  • 11:30 Wally finished a barrel of Killians and he fucking wrecks
  • 11:45 Hollywood Ball Check
  • 12:00 Throwing beer cans
  • 12:30 Personal stories and Wally brain pickings
  • 13:00 Gdub’s woman loves him and please do not workout
  • 13:30 the Perve Pool Picks - Rockstars
  • 14:00 The Shatner Numbers because he’s old
  • 14:20 Wally picks Ric Flair
  • 14:40 Kid goes female harasser
  • 15:30 Ball cup non assault
  • 16:00 I think we like it when these guys come out as harassing assholes
  • 17:00 Kid picks a female harasser
  • 18:00 Who do we hate that we want to get in trouble
  • 19:00 The gays are the ones
  • 20:00 Hollywood returns - The Louis C.K.
  • 21:00 Getting permission to jerk off
  • 22:00 Why is everyone such a fucking pussy
  • 22:30 Crowdsurfing - Fingering
  • 23:00 Focus on the guys not the perv chicks
  • 24:00 Why are you going to the hotel room
  • 25:00 Watch me in the shower
  • 26:00 Damn when I stand next to fit people
  • 27:00 Wally wants Al Franken
  • 28:00 #notme
  • 29:00 #idontfuckinthinkso

WRAPUP: Wally destroying the atmosphere with his ass