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Nov 20, 2017

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, the Kid calls out Red Eye for his overly ambitious and encouraging words to get the show rolling and then being his woman’s little bitch and being a big fat pussy about it and not showing up.  We wonder if anyone sees’s his balls to call the listener line to get them back to him because everyone involved knows on this show when a man loses his balls he might as well start sucking dick. Other topics besides ripping on Red Eye include, How fast guys change for their women, How many dogs are in Bed with Red Eye when he goes to a bitches house at 4 in the morning and the Kid finds the absolute best way to text message most efficiently. GDub has a problem with his computer, We preview a new show about Relationshits, A crazy Uber passenger, Hallmark movies and how Creepy it would be if Red Eye started sniffing your bed. The actual breaking news discovered is that Red Eye actual is into chicks and not into dicks and this all makes sense at some point because being a little bitch is par for the Red Eye course. 

  • 1:00 Holy Sugarbush / How my dad swore when I was a kid
  • 2:00 We watched movies / special ways to find movies
  • 3:00 Psychopath? / Do not fuck with me Don’t say one thing then do another
  • 4:00 Are we gonna do something with Red Eye and his girl?
  • 5:00 So what’s her fucking problem / Give me some specifics
  • 6:00 Guys are cool until they get a bitch in their lives.
  • 7:00 How fast the guy changes compared to the girl
  • 8:00 The lates Red Eye Intro and upcoming ones
  • 9:00 Red Eye DUI non drinking room / Have fun / Its respect time.
  • 10:00 He was all hung ho about it, asking why / guess what’s happening back
  • 11:00 there are other ways to participate / Where are your balls Red Eye? your ladies purse
  • 12:00 Gdub trying to get on
  • 13:00 The Spin off show about Relationshits
  • 14:00 We have a texting situation / We do it too much
  • 15:00 How to save time texting / just copy and paste
  • 16:00 Lets talk about screaming Ubers
  • 17:00 The über guy kept his composure.  How I’d solve it
  • 18:00 This isn’t my destination / why are we at KFC
  • 19:00 Drunken TV news anchor girl
  • 20:00 Hallmark channel movies
  • 21:00 Latebreaking news.  Red Eye likes girls and not guys / One is actually agreeing to see him
  • 22:00 He wasn’t really on that long / Why aren’t recording shows
  • 23:00 Creepy smelling your bed and vomit / Calling out Red Eye / He called Hollywood
  • 24:00 You said you’re pussing out. Way to Trump it up Red Eye / I don’t want to piss off my bitch
  • 25:00 We’ll see. We’ll have that little bitch on one way or another
  • 26:00 Gdub wonders if Red Eye’s new lady works at hooters / Tons of Red Eye Clips
  • 27:00 Teacher Preview / Rape is so in right now
  • 28:00 Hollywood and the Kid bond over hating women talking during baseball
  • 29:00 Rest In Peace Red Eye (R Eye P)


WRAPUP: Gdub wonders if anyone finds Red Eyes balls to call the listener line to get them back to him.


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