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Nov 21, 2017

Red Eye Intro 03: Get married so she can turn into a psycho bitch.

Kid and Hollywood in the Kitchen studio welcome GDub to the show were we discuss our new hero of the day Bill O’Neil for revealing his sexual rap sheet to the world without even batting an eye.  We also discuss drugs, Call out Red Eye just a wee bit more and spend a good chunk of time talking about hot teachers sucking off their students.  Its a family show after all.  So Go Deep if you can fucking hack it ya big fat fucking pussy.

Minute by Minute Breakdown

  • 1:00 Kid Intros Hollywood and GDub
  • 2:00 Its time to talk about teachers banging their students again
  • 3:00 At what point is the teacher craving the cock that much
  • 4:00 Cops bust wife waiting for sex romp
  • 5:00 You get my dick pics?
  • 6:00 Do you like my crazy cat t-shirt
  • 7:00 They’re trying to relive their amazing high school years
  • 8:00 You like old people / Gray pubes
  • 9:00 Hero of the day Bill O’Neil
  • 10:00 Here’s my lineup of women
  • 11:00 More details on Bill O’Neil and the love making in the family barn
  • 12:00 Hollywood wants to know the sex lineup
  • 13:00 Toss the salad, blowjob, cleveland steamer
  • 14:00 Snapchat for the show
  • 15:00 Fake news and social media
  • 16:00 Total bullshit made-up russian articles
  • 17:00 Facebook is fucking dumb
  • 18:00 Calling out Red Eye / The one page of notes
  • 19:00 I can’t control myself and not disrespect my woman
  • 20:00 Did drugs kill this kid or was it his annoying parents
  • 21:00 What drugs have you done
  • 22:00 Acid at the show
  • 23:00 Let you do it first so I can see what it does to her
  • 24:00 Wally and Salvia
  • 25:00 California gummy weed
  • 26:00 Some sick bastard with a gray pube is actioning it off
  • 27:00 Listen to the show at double speed
  • 28:00 I’m not gonna be on for a while.  Who the fuck announces it?
  • 29:00 Wrap-up, Bill O’Neil - Hero of the day.


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