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Nov 23, 2017

Red Eye Intro 05: We love sex so put those kids away so I can cover your mouth.

Happy Turkey fuckin’ day bitches bastards and especially to the Goin’ Deep Show Fallen. In this episode the Kid wanted to do something different for a change so he encouraged his lady to foot job him during the episode. Topics discussed are what we’re thankful for, panties and bras, the dog potentially licking dicks, how often we each go down on one another and ways to not corrupt children by playing porn in front of high schoolers. We make fun of fatties and how they think its okay to bitch and moan because they’re fat but skinny people can’t complain. Hollywood distracts the Kid by doing squats in front of the mirror in her panties.  We wrap up with a listener line call from Spoo, a 3 foot dick and a Pizza ATM.  Try to figure that shit out.  Go Deep, Give Thanks and stay tuned for more Goin’ Deep Show for the Holiday weekend. 


  • 1:00 Red Eye Intro 05
  • 2:00 Introductions - Kid and Blond Bombshell Hollywood
  • 3:00 I’m thankful for foot jobs and wanting to whip my dick out
  • 4:00 Hollywood distracting me with bra and panties
  • 5:00 Red Bra description / Put that back on
  • 6:00 Perfect dicks are still ugly
  • 7:00 Going down on you
  • 8:00 Thankful for the bra and not killing me as much
  • 9:00 When the Kid is in the wrong
  • 10:00 Trying to cut back from spilling the beans to the bff
  • 11:00 There’s a brat down here. Imagine the dog biting my dick
  • 12:00 Handle your tech with care / Porno in front of the sophomores
  • 13:00 What did the school kids see?
  • 14:00 The gay teenager says all the right things
  • 15:00 Finding the proper races for commercials / Fatties
  • 16:00 Thick skins and extra blubber
  • 17:00 What offends the Kid
  • 18:00 Models should not be fat / You’re so thin
  • 19:00 Big fat victorian paintings
  • 20:00 The Mirror so you can watch your ass during squats
  • 21:00 Thankful for squats and mirrors and the booty
  • 22:00 The Beer Belly or the Wine Wrack
  • 23:00 Shots in your hair
  • 24:00 Operating on huge balls and a 3 foot dick
  • 25:00 How to run with a 3 foot dick
  • 26:00 Gravity and the ball sag / gray pubes
  • 27:00 The Pizza ATM
  • 28:00 How to participate

WRAPUP: We wrap up the podcast with a listener line call from Spoo talking about sucking down Miller High Life and calling out women who put cock in their mouth and won’t swallow are bitches. If you don’t swallow you’re a cunt. Go Deep.