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Dec 19, 2017

Kid welcomes in Red Eye and he has a whole gaggle of ladies with him. For the first time in Goin’ Deep Show History, it's some mommy-daughter action and mommy wants Red Eye to father some babies. We get to know the Hot Tub Twins, Sage, and Sable and at some point, we figure out that Sage doesn’t like anything when it comes to sex. This could be an issue when Red Eye has to fuck a child into her body. We discuss toe licking for $30 dollars and almost get the girls to fight by calling one of them out on how she claims to not masturbate. We pick on Sage a bit about her non-gross thoughts about sex and how she hates fingers in her pussy. This sex snowball begins and rolls way out of control fast. Red Eye will probably have to deal with it down the road then he knocks her ass up miraculously. The sex toys in the Sage closet are also growing mold according to our in-studio guest and this is all just the start of the fun. Did we mention this is the first mother-daughter in the studio? Go Deep and try not to hate dirty gross sex like sage does. To leave a comment call 989-331-0543 that's 989-331-0KID

Other things discussed in this episode. Dog humping // trying to suck your own dick // Squirting // knowing what an orgasm is // head fisting // porn viewing // not giving blowjobs // fifty shades of grey // not touching yourself // the white stuff // spitting or swallowing // taking it in the face and so much more. Go Deep