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Nov 19, 2018

The Kid and Mr. Crowley give you a  science lesson in how women control men with their pussy smells and chemicals. Kid reveals how a porn site actually leads to the death of his dog and we find an outstanding band name to open when we hit the road.  RIP Reggie Go Deep.


INTRO: Mr. Crowley In studio

1:00 - Listener Line Call number 989-331-0543

3:00 - How good it is - Don’t get it both ways - Fart when she came

6:00 - Send a letter to

9:00 - Reliving the past via items

12:00 - Real vs fake. Podcast therapy

15:00 - Mind Controlled by pussy - Fucking Science

18:00 - Man brain at its bare minimum

21:00 - Don’t let this info out. Submitting to the pussy

24:00 - Whatcha thinking about?

27:00 - Wrap up topic: Zombie Jesus Pussy

OUTRO: RIP Reggie -  Insensitivity and making it someone else.