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Nov 20, 2018

The Kid A.G. welcomes JMac and Spyder Monkey from Minnesota, GDub from Hotlanta and Wally from the norther Mitt. Its Sexual Assault awareness month so the Kid kicks right into Nuns getting knocked up by choir boys, cops posting sex tapes to social media and we try to figure out how to sex traffic now that Craigslist and Backpage won’t let you. We get a first hand account of sexual harassment from Spyder Monkey and wrap up with a solution for when you’re horny.  It involved sex dolls.  Go Deep. Recording April 6, 2018


INTRO - JMac, Spider monkey, Wally, Gdub

1:00 Welcome to Sexual Assault awareness month

3:00 - Stop bitching about the social network you agreed to let them steal your shit

6:00 - Backpage gets shut down / Craigslist missed connection idiocy

9:00 - Choir boy gets raped but knocks up nun…. 60 years go 

12:00 - What happened to stealing movies and sex trafficking 

15:00 - Spyder monkey sexual harassment

18:00 - 90 year old wanted to get milked

21:00 - When is my viagra boner going down - Sex toy Brothel

24:00 - Time to rape an inanimate object

27:00 - The Disney tail



Spyder Monkey - “Oh my”

JMac - Kick me kick me milk me something

Wally - “Build the Wall”

Gdub - “I’ll take a number one with a happy ending please”

Kid - “Chill to the next episode”