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Nov 22, 2018

1437 -  Mr. Hot Dog ball crunch footsy

Kid and GDub discuss how former hosts of the show are now on instagram having garbage sales.  We salute him for finding a use for in instagram account. We make fun of a website being positive, then give the world the first Goin’ Deep Show ASMR video sound. We tell all these assholes podcasting now to fuck off and agree that social media is the worst thing ever.


THROWBACK INTRO - Red Eye and Don Tang talk about black chicks


1:00  -  IN STUDIO : GDub

3:00 -  Don Tang Instagram trash collector

6:00 -  Positive Bay City on FuckFacebook? Seriously. Fucking douchenozzle

9:00 -  Goin’ Deeps first ASMR audio   

12:00 - Fuck all these fucking podcasts. FCC podcast? Seriously

15:00 - Social media is the worst thing ever created 

18:00 - Insults come at the end / DT and DT as running mates (Red Eye assault story)

21:00 - Mr Hot Dog ball crunch footy

24:00 - All women 100 percent right and have never done a thing wrong

27:00 - Haircut

28:00 - Time for a walk




Gdub - “ Here’s to Red Eye and making America Great Again”

Kid - “Chill to the next Episode ”