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Nov 24, 2018

Kid and GDub warn married couples that Jesus may be lurking in the wings waiting for your man to serve in the military and when he comes back your lady will want to pork Jesus instead of you.  We talk about how stuck in our ways we are at our age and how laughable it is to expect us to change. We discuss how the leader of the free world is essentially a retard and how sucky local TV is. We agree that even shitty haircuts can somehow land a lady as long as you pay them enough or hound the ever living fuck out of them until they fuck you just to shut you up.  Go Deep.


INTRO: In Studio GDub 

1:00  -  This episode of Goin’ Deep sponsored by Bent.Cards

3:00 -   I appreciate people who stick to the cause and don’t give up

6:00 -   I think I’m stuck in my ways - refusal to dial it down

9:00 -   Does anyone think we’ll magically stop being an asshole?       

11:00 -  My wife became a Psycho Christian

15:00 -  David Lee Roth time 

18:00 -  Ignorance is Bliss

21:00 -  We’re living in a world ruled by a retard 

24:00 -  How does that hairdo fuck anyone (Trump vs Red Eye)    

27:00 -   Local TV fucking sucks

29:00 -  Three chicks sitting at a desk telling me stuff

31:00 - Lame non news

32:00 - Similar music tastes

35:00 - Stab my ears before the spice girls song




Gdub - “ Spice Girls reunion tour”

Kid - “Chill to the next Episode ”