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Nov 25, 2018


Kid and GDub get in studio to talk turkey day where we play a listener line call from Wally warning america of guns and pussy grabbing.  We have a new intro song, talk a brief tech at the start but kick into graphic violence, drugs and Jesus vs Satan.  The Kid rips ass, then rips on Jesus and anyone scared by cartoons.  Go Deep.


INTRO: New Intro Music

1:00  - New tech shit

3:00 -  Happy Thanksgiving time from Wally - to Russia   

6:00 -  Trump on Stern 

9:00 -  WTF birthday xmas party        

12:00 - 70s Dad in robocop   

15:00 - Farts  and ugly chicks

18:00 - Geek out on Indiana Jones and Pat Robertson

21:00 - Jesus loves televangelists - Jesus is a friend of mine   

24:00 - Satan is a friend of mine      

27:00 - Catholic kinda lost its luster with the whole rape and hide it thing   

29:00 - This show is for….




Gdub - “ to all the 13 year olds out there Jesus Fucks”

Kid - “Chill to the next Episode ”