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Feb 19, 2019

Episode 1446 of The Goin' Deep Show has Kid and Mr. Crowley making fun of all the assholes who love this awesome new thing called podcasting. Fucking lame.

We make fun of the fucktard hipsters of the future who will refuse to listen to music on whatever device they’ll have.

We talk about the vinyl that the Kid bought his kid, some technology that we like but have gotten lazy with and he gives Mr. Crowley specific instructions on how to light a fire under his ass.

We throw a shout to The Future of Comedy show that we’ve been going to see.

Kid gets frustrated with his lack of soundboard organization and wonders where his boner board is.

We’ve boiled down relationships to their core, asks what would trigger any of us and figuring out what pisses everyone off.

Mr. Crowley gives us the lowdown on his recent interaction with some amazing booty.

too bad she was a little SJW

We start to read a very long message but have to carry it into the next episode. Stay tuned.

Go Deep.

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