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Jun 12, 2019

Kid & Endo welcome in Mr. Crowley and Pineapple we discuss masturbating with hand soap, what’s wrong with men, Mr. Crowley takes an ass to the face, Kid outlines a few more details from Sonic Temple and the System of the Down set. Endo discusses her Sonic Temple attitude and Mr. Crowley discusses the happy story of a guy getting stomped to death at a concert that he was at. Kid discusses his Tool concert memories.  We do some fake vs real tittle talk, do some whats on tap and Kid brings up a story of John Cena getting an accidental boner during a match, Mr. Crowley discusses how they monitor boners at night to make sure you can keep it up. We discuss how horny each of us gets and how we wake up in a panic and checking our phones each morning to find out how reckless the antics always seem to be from the night before. We wrap up with where we want to bang.  Listen in Go Deep.