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Oct 15, 2019

Hey assholes this one is for you. All you dipshits that think podcasting is this awesome new platform to run your stanky mouths on, we've been at it since before you came squirting from your dads hairy gooch sac.  

This is the 15th anniversary of the Goin' Deep Show.  So stick that in your asscrack and smoke it.  

Podcasting back in the day was for all these fucking nerds and geeks to go play makeup radio and somehow we happened upon it talking trash and spitting our uncut stories of grabassin' and pissing off our women.  

So not much has changed.  We still hate ads, we still hate regular radio and we still keep this shit as uncut and fucking dumb as we can.  Just like we did 15 fucking years ago.  

So with that being said Mr. Kleen gets in studio to spout off about how much we don't give a shit about anyone else especially all the pussy bitches who can't handle some words. Kid discusses how his kid has the hugest shits ever known to man.

Kid does his normal shot across the bow for the people who think they know what the podcast is all about.  Kid tells Kleen that he frosted a glass especially for Mr. Kleen and he's really enjoying it.

We do a little history lesson about the podcast and how a local dive bar is the place where it all began. Kleen tells us about living with his new lady, Kid and his lady and how all that shit works.

Kid is envious of the two dudes who changed the I-75 billboard where they put up some porn on the screens. I think we wrap up talking about The Paralyzer's mom just like we did 15 years ago.  Listen in Go Deep.