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Mar 19, 2020

Kid and Endo get Gdub and Wally on the mic where we discuss the end of the world, how we're all adjusting to the virus coming after us.  Kid tries to express to his kid how important it is to stay away from people but she's not having it. We give everyone the low down on some old war stories involving JMac, Hat Trick, and we all decide we're going to Wally's compound if shit really starts to hit the fan. Listen in and Go Deep.

1:00: Things getting cancelled

3:00 He's an idiot

5:00: I'm not leaving pushing the election

7:00: Wally ends the world

10:00: Wally licking Hat Trick story

13:00: Wally going down

15:00: The Shay Story

17:00: Bishops, JMac, Pooltable

20:00: Lets bring down the expectations

23:00: We're all gonna know someone who dies

25:00: Getting the gang on video

27:00: One year of banging.