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Mar 23, 2020

Kid / Endo / Wally / GDub / JMac  - Kid kicks off the show letting all these other Goin’ Deep Shows that we’re coming after you ya fucking retards. Lets all cool it now with the word Podcasting.  Nobody fucking uses an iPod anymore.  Your show is your show and a podcast is a fucking lame word to use for this new fangled bullshit you figured out. Kid lets everyone know they are the start of their family legacy simply because of the internet and the damn cameraphone. We’ve decided that being locked off from the rest of the world is the way to be. We call Jmac and he sounds about as happy as someone getting a colonoscopy. You can almost hear the half attempt at a smile through the phone. Kid talks about some woman who was a stump at the local walmart. Wally tells us he’s got his gummy game on full effect and GDub sounds like a fucking robot.  Wally and JMac tell us they can’t get Coronavirus because of the Astro Lounge. We do our death count and Michigan is in the lead. GDub tells us how to raise your children right and what to listen to. Kid rants about sites that suggest the GDS is something good to listen to and we wrap it gallup with A classic clip from The Wally and the Wolf episode from way the fuck back in 2006. Listen in and go deep.