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Jun 22, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Endo, Mr. Crowley and Endo’s Mom 

This is a special episode of Goin’ Deep featuring a brand new guest and one of Endo’s faithful followers in every aspect of life.  Kid and Mr. Crowley kick the show off with discussion of selling out to the powers that be on the internet then we kick right into how Endo wants to live stream some 69 action to the TV right before her mom walks in to discuss sex tapes, disgusting habits, not flicking your bean and seeing how fast conversations can get dodged.  Lots of dogs in on this episode. Listen in Go Deep. 


1:00 Fuck copyright

2:00 We want money for Endo’s vagina sounds

3:00 Leaching off the creators

4:00 Why sell out to Spotify

5:00 We’re gonna pimp you out my kids will love it

6:00 Rolling Ads and trading beasts

7:00 YouTube blows with all the ads

8:00 Endo hears too well - oh and pussy eating

9:00 Your pussy is great in my face

10:00 Nobody wants to see my pubes in 4K

11:00 Mom’s here we can’t talk about it now

12:00 Endo’s Mom and what’s on tap

13:00 When’s the last time we saw Endo’s mom

14:00 Endo dodging sex tapes

15:00 Endo’s Mom recorded sex tape

16:00 The Kid’s studio - Endos Dress 

17:00 Deals on beer - 

18:00 Endo wants to go to Vegas

19:00 Mr. Crowley Vegas fun

20:00 Locked in the same place for 90 days

21:00 Everyone wants to do the right thing

22:00 Disgusting habits

23:00 I can’t flick my bean

24:00 Forced to be away - home from mexico

25:00 Spending time apart

26:00 What do you think about racist stuff

27:00 Mr. Crowley and the ghost of James Hetfield

28:00 you can vote and have sex legally

29:00 Wrap-up 989-331-0543

Go Deep.