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Jun 23, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid, Endo, and Me. Kleen

Kleen and Endo get on the boards and go a little overboard. HA. We do an episode of What the Fuck where we feature pee holes and lip injections along with cleaning your twat with Lysol.  Top story in this one is we figure out Billie Eilish has a hot body and Kleen tried to slide something in his piss hole.  The Kid throws a shout to his favorite professional wrestler. Listen in Go Deep. 


1:00 Crazy on the boards intro

2:00 Studio needs an upgrade

3:00 WTF Rules

4:00 Do we need music

5:00 Where did you see Billie Eilish

6:00 Endo and her mic

7:00 Lady Ga Ga Chub

8:00 Celebrity Standards

9:00 Huge ghetto ass

10:00 Guess the Race

11:00 Something in my pee hole

12:00 Soapy pee hole

13:00 Jake the snake masturbation

14:00 The back of Kleen’s nut sack

15:00 Bring out your dick

16:00 Huger lips than Steve Harvey

17:00 Where’s lippy from? 

18:00 Biggest lips in the world

19:00 More Lip talk

20:00 Would Kleen sleep with lip chick

21:00 She done fucked her face up

22:00 WTF Chinks - tear gas ice cream

23:00 We can’t breathe because they’re fat

24:00 WTF Tear gas ice cream

25:00 Kleen doing dumb shit

26:00 You ever wash your vagina with Lysol

27:00 The burning blistering vagina

28:00 Bye ya smelly bitch

29:00 Little pee pee preview


Go Deep.