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Jul 28, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Kleen, Cooch, Mr. Crowley

A very special show where we introduce some new friends to the podcast.  The Dr. Nurse F Show makes their debut here on Goin’ Deep and the network.  In this one we have a packed house and even more bullshit to talk about.  We kick it off with Endo trying to push a digit up into the backside of the Kid.  Kleen describes how he once shot a load on his own face,  and we learn how the duo started their show, how Mr. Kleen hit on Nurse Fiona and we drop an ass attack challenge at one point.  We talk, fupa, turtleneck cocks, and fat asses who dicks are barely fucking there. A special highlight during this one is a story of how to seriously crop dust someone in a wheelchair…. in an elevator.  Listen in, Go deep and try not to breathe that shit in. 


1:00 Intro Dr. Nurse F Show

2:00 Gross non showering boyfriend

3:00 Kid not into his butthole being touched

4:00 Endo gave a great handy

5:00 Lets send Kid a photo of your load

6:00 Sound bites - getting to know each other

7:00 The chemistry of the Dr. Nurse F Show

8:00 How did Mr. Kleen hit on Nurse Fiona

9:00 The classic move of buying a drink

10:00 Kleen was checking out my tits

11:00 Who’s in who’s spank bank

12:00 Kid and Crowley want to start a fight

13:00 No undies and the kilt

14:00 The genetic background check

15:00 Kleen’s daughter’s friends think he’s a spic

16:00 What sound does shit make when it hits the wall

17:00 Endo’s ass explosions challenge

18:00 The elevator fart story

19:00 Skittles ass

20:00 You ever jizz on your face

21:00 In her eye and her mouth

22:00 Flinging your cock tip towards your face - tiny dick

23:00 The Fupa

24:00 The turtle neck cock

25:00 Tiny dick piss solution

26:00 Keep your identity on the down low

27:00 We need help with this shit

28:00 Final Words - 


Go Deep.