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Jul 29, 2020

IN STUDIO: The Kid, Endo, Mr. Crowley, Dr. Nurse F Show

The Kid and crew continue to chat with our new podcast friends The Dr. Nurse F Show.  Topics include fake tits, hating children, soulmates, fluffers and an all Male nurse calendar that Endo should shoot. 

Listen in and go deep. 


1:00 Intros - Mr. Crowley

2:00 - Dr. Nurse F Show

3:00 How expensive are the fake titties

4:00 Strange tittle feels

5:00 WTF is wrong with the tits

6:00 Don’t fake tits before kids

7:00 The Child fighting ring

8:00 Get back to the titties

9:00 The children cannot listen

10:00 The Kid never grows up

11:00 What’s your tit motivation

12:00 The most plastic of tittie

13:00 The Kid’s new party trick

14:00 Kid on the treadmill

15:00 Dr. Pinky Pie sexting

16:00 Weight / Covid

17:00 The Beer Calories

18:00 The Kid’s family

19:00 Being friends with the opposite sex

20:00 Soulmates

21:00 Endo being the photographer

22:00 The Male nurse calendar

23:00 Where did your photographer go

24:00 Free to do what you want to

25:00 The fluffed and the kilt balls

26:00 That dude is ripped

27:00 Scolding

28:00 Kinda know a douchebag

29:00 Get you some titties


Go Deep.