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Aug 27, 2020

Kid and Kleen get into all sorts of trouble and ask what words are okay to say these days. We try to figure out when the last time we held an iPod in your hands, Kid is pissed at people banging animals and We encourage everyone to go mess with others. We try to get to the exact number of times someone should get layed.  We do a what’s on tap, play some CardiB discussing pussy and wrap it all up with a guy who killed himself because his dumbass wife wouldn’t fuck him. Goddamn pussy on a pedestal. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Drinking game based on Mr. Kleen

2:00 iPod - Play of the Day

3:00 The Inner playful child in Kleen

4:00 Who interrupts more?

5:00 Fag

6:00 Boofin’ animals - Cat and peanut butter

7:00 The winter weight is still here

8:00 The world has a non swearing problem

9:00 Kleen using the F word 

10:00 WTF is happening? Stop making me hear

11:00 Bullied kids

12:00 Everybody is a pussy now

13:00 Go mess with everyone

14:00 How much maintenance on the snatch

15:00 Rochester Mills Orange Whip

16:00 Cardi B and the bacon egg and cheese pussy

17:00 She don’t give a shit

18:00 Neil Degrass Tyson of hookers

19:00 She’s so fucking obnoxious

20:00 Black brothers - ghosting

21:00 Makeout with the mask

22:00 Cautious of the Cover at school

23:00 Party on campus

24:00 Opinions on how often you should get pussy

25:00 Fitting sex in

26:00 Duty to serve your man

27:00 Wife made him kill himself

28:00 Pussy on the pedestal

29:00 Final Words - Uglier chicks

Go Deep.