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Aug 28, 2020

Kid and Kleen yammer on about peeing on feet, butts and how Cardi B probably knows how to make your ph balanced.  We play a Wally Outrage minute, give some mad props to the Dr. Nurse F Show, ask the world if they give a fuck and Kid tries to get Kleen to eat a girls do-dee. Kid proposes a new website where its nothing but sexual exploits, and we wrap with flakes being fake, abortion stores and Kleen slurring words together all in the name of equality. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Contact the show

2:00 Damaged toes

3:00 You ever pee on a chick

4:00 Cardi B knows if pee works

5:00 Irish car bombs - Wally 

6:00 Kleen’s Dance party - Wally

7:00 Wally’s Outrage minute

8:00 Wally spills a beer

9:00 What idiots drink and drive

10:00 Covid-19 Red Alert

11:00 Listen to the Dr. Nurse F Show

12:00 Do shit the way other want? 

13:00 We don’t give a fuck. 

14:00 They aren’t afraid

15:00 Kleen and more than one chick

16:00 Kleen’s sex list

17:00 How much did this bitch weigh

18:00 Only two races exist apparently

19:00 Fucked up Facebook

20:00 Kendall Jenner

21:00 Litally  

22:00 Like cinnamon grahams

23:00 Extra crispy chicken

24:00 Founders Brewery

25:00 Tipally

26:00 Swimming and chilling out

27:00 Fake vs Fake

28:00 Trust - Investing in someone

29:00 Final Words - Equality

Go Deep.