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Sep 25, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Silverback, Endo, L.B. Thundercat HO! discuss how hard it would be to get any cash from a guy with a 13.5 inch dick, how Canadians who live with their girlfriends probably regret the time when you have to pay them 50k a month. Endo is pissed at a Karen for being a Karen on Facebook and we dive pretty hard into L.B. and the heroin addict boyfriend of his ex leaving threatening messages on his voicemail.  Kid gives everyone a quick Dr. Dre wife payment update and we wrap up telling everyone YOLO and good luck walking after you take a big dick. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 I’m the Wilfred Brimley of the show

2:00 Endo and her Karen Facebook si 

3:00 The bitches response to Endo’s message

4:00 Trying to do the right thing 

5:00 Social media means its your job to get involved 

6:00 I didn’t asked to be tagged 

7:00 Endo wants to be the person punching people 

8:00 Cops gave LB a ride home 

9:00 LB and the X Boyfriend 

10:00 I emailed the officer the threats 

11:00 That’s respect because no one calls anymore 

12:00 We hangout for the pussy and titties  

13:00 Ho wants a stalker 

14:00 Psycho heroin addict boyfriend 

15:00 Dr. Dre and his X wife wanting 2 mill a month 

16:00 A Mill, 2 mill?  

17:00 The details on Dr. Dre’s wife monthly pay 

18:00 That aint shit for payment 

19:00 Income inequality 

20:00 Cost of living 

21:00 Silverback birthday celebration 

22:00 Mr. Crowley quote - Screaming your name 

23:00 Meeting Red 

24:00 Non married couple paying 50k in canada to girlfriend 

25:00 Details on the support 

26:00 Mickey Mantle full of shit 

27:00 It wasn’t fun at all 

28:00 YOLO

29:00 Final Words - 

Go Deep.