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Oct 22, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. PHONE: Cousing Joe. We are just keeping this idiot ball rolling in this episode where we give a call to The Kid’s cousin and promote his movies on Amazon. We bust open the Endo and Kid quote file and Zaldor tells us about the times he’s encountered some of the big names in Podcasting. We wrap with a quick call to Ho Ho and ask The Kid if he wants to get pegged.  Its a hard no. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Planet Zaldor 

2:00 Consistency with drinking beer 

3:00 Who was Joe Rogan’s first Austin Guest?

4:00 Podcast convention - Seeing Adam Curry 

5:00 GDS is the free speech rock n roll  

6:00 Slutchomper can suck it  

7:00 Drinking some Java Latte 

8:00 My Cousin the movie maker 

9:00 Writing the third “Unwelcoming House” 

10:00 Enjoying the single dad videographer life 

11:00 Joe - Do you get movie extras 

12:00 The next iconic horror movie mask 

13:00 Sinister kinda of guy 

14:00 Wrap-up with the Cous 

15:00 8 Billion people 

16:00 The one year mark of holy shit

17:00 The Quote file 

18:00 Coughing my dick out 

19:00 Sucky Slat  

20:00 Can you suck a dick as a unicorn 

21:00 Farts with straws 

22:00 MMA stuff with Kleen 

23:00 I’m way too sober to do the Ozzy trick 

24:00 There’s wrong… then Wrong 

25:00 Hey Ho Ho! 

26:00 A record setter of shows 

27:00 Six or Four 

28:00 Don’t be a pussy 

29:00 Final Words - Man up

Go Deep.