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Oct 26, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Zaldor, Endo, Thundercat get super gross and super helicopter dong in this one.  We start off light with some community building then get thrown into a slurry of Paul Rudd wonderfulness then dive so deep into a poop hole that we actually watch two girls one cup again for the first time. The ladies want to see some dick so we whip that shit out and we wrap up with talking about first times. Its another action packed episode of the GDS. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Farts are always funny  

2:00 Duck Duck Jeep 

3:00 Duck Duck Kia

4:00 The Jeep community 

5:00 One Group is superior 

6:00 Mean girls blonde - Rachel McAdams 

7:00 Paul Rudd - Meat Spin song 

8:00 Spin me right round 

9:00 That looks like Ant Man 

10:00 Meat Spin attempt 

11:00 Meat Spin description 

12:00 GLOW dick - Thor - Captain America Cock 

13:00 Tricking the boss 

14:00 Two girls one cup 

15:00 Naked Chips (chicks) 

16:00 That’s just nasty 

17:00 The was disgusting 

18:00 Girls want to see helicopter dick 

19:00 What was that bitch eating 

20:00 Helicopter strobe light dick 

21:00 Explaining the Chris Evans dick pic 

22:00 Describe the scrawny kid 

23:00 Endo describing cock spin 

24:00 Thundercat wants more research 

25:00 The first sexual thing you see 

26:00 Some dude with his balls hanging out 

27:00 Ho Ho remembering fist cock view 

28:00 14 inch dong 

29:00 Final Words - Name em.


Go Deep.