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Oct 27, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Zaldor, Endo, Thundercat - Its a strip club heavy episode of the show where Endo reveals that she loves when she goes there and see’s a bunch of guys walking around with boners.  Kid tells the tale of his first visit to a club and Zaldor reveals the way to get a little more than you payed for… or exactly what you payed for. We remember, a strip show in saginaw and promote Endo’s onlyfans page.  Its all here folks and its all bullshit. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Favorite donut flavor 

2:00 Trying to call Zaldor’s lady 

3:00 Keep yappin

4:00 Thundercat and strip clubs 

5:00 Haven’t been to strip club in 12 years 

6:00 Thundercat putting it back on 

7:00 Knowing someone who works there 

8:00 Girls get away with touching 

9:00 Fingers inside skanky strippers

10:00 VIP Room finger action 

11:00 Standing around with boners 

12:00 Pittsburgh strip club

13:00 First time was all tens 

14:00 Where’s the real strippers - Florida 


16:00 Efficient as fuck 

17:00 Public photos 

18:00 Black Mirror in reverse 

19:00 Come on SlutChomper where are you 


21:00 Dragqueens - Dita Von Teese 

22:00 Saginaw show - stripper face 

23:00 Gnaws your dong off 

24:00 Solid hockey legs 

25:00 I have no idea how many shows 

26:00 Endo’s onlyfans page 

27:00 Posting to Endo’s onlyfans page 

28:00 See how many fans you have 

29:00 Final Words - Time for a strip club

Go Deep.