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Oct 28, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Endo, Zaldor, Thundercat - We revisit the idea of making people watch porn while we do the live show to see if they can concentrate. Thundercats wants the dick in real life because its just better that way and we discuss our skinny dipping past, condom use, old movies that turn us on and Endo’s friends poking car windows with Dicks. Its all here folks including the rights and wrongs of rape fantasy. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 



2:00 Do and Kleen jerk while watching the porn 

3:00 The Endo finger wag

4:00 Making people watch porn during the show 

5:00 Pick out the porn 

6:00 Dick flop getting worked up 

7:00 Endo’s friends whipping their dicks out 

8:00 Poking Endo’s window with his dick 

9:00 Tits in the face

10:00 How many women slapping their tits in his face 

11:00 Put your dick away 

12:00 Awkward naked man in studio 

13:00 Foam pop filter condoms 

14:00 What’s worse no condom or reused 

15:00 He likes to touch my little boy balls 

16:00 Slap the shit out of it 

17:00 Skinny Dippers 

18:00 Thundercats last skinny dip experience 

19:00 Grower not a shower 

20:00 Old movies that were hot but not now 

21:00 Maid to Order

22:00 Her naked ass 

23:00 Endo’s Titanic Naked scene 

24:00 Hot older movies - The Accused 

25:00 Twisted rape scene 

26:00 Stap em on

27:00 Rape Fantasy 

28:00 BDSM situation 

29:00 Final Words - How do you film that


Go Deep.