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Oct 30, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen do a Halloween episode of the Show where we discuss scary shit. In this one we talk about a dude getting raped at gunpoint, Kleen not liking tattoo’d bitches, how to make a woman squirt, some toe sucking dude who gets in a fight and we feature a special Halloween Hottie of the week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Halloweeny time 

2:00 Drunken prank calls - Tuxedo shirt 

3:00 You better be ready for a discussion

4:00 Mr. Kleen doesn’t like tattoo’d bitches 

5:00 Who cares what others think 

6:00 Fellow Mexicans 

7:00 Screaming clips 

8:00 How to make a woman squirt 

9:00 Tooth the heels 

10:00 Sneaking into houses and sucking toes  

11:00 Some dude wanting to suck toes 

12:00 The fight details 

13:00 Waking up to a blowjob

14:00 Eddie Van Halen 

15:00 Spank it Blanket 

16:00 Cardi B is retarded 

17:00 Halloween Hottie of the week 

18:00 Elvira Mistress of the Dark 

19:00 Adams Family & Munster mom 

20:00 Elvira details 

21:00 Kid doesn’t take the time 

22:00 Lets rape that dude 

23:00 How ugly are my rapers 

24:00 How is this raping going on? 

25:00 I can only go by what you say 

26:00 Guys are assholes 

27:00 Guys and obnoxious lyrics 

28:00 Twunt 

29:00 Final Words - I don’t care

Go Deep.