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Nov 13, 2020

Kid, Endo, Thundercat and Jay Bird in studio discuss celebs, chicks not seeing dicks on the internet, baseball players grabbing titties, chicks whipping their jugs out at a world series game and which celebs Jay Bird bumps into. We wrap with some Eric Andre clips and Cock vs not cock. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 The Hi Ho Song

2:00 The Hi Ho part 

3:00 Tripod midget

4:00 The kid and gds

5:00 She’s being a little grumpy 

6:00 Jaybird - Kids 

7:00 Having your daughters all the time 

8:00 JD Martinez grabbing titties 

9:00 Whip them titties out behind home plate 

10:00 Zoom in and watch some titties 

11:00 Elbow your friends to see titties 

12:00 Banning tits from the game 

13:00 Billie Eilish body 

14:00 Criticize Billie Eilish 

15:00 Women get more grief 

16:00 Meeting Tom Cruise 

17:00 Kid’s favorite celebs 

18:00 Honeymoon in Vegas Sarah Jessica Parker  

19:00 Shoutouts to Red Bar Radio 

20:00 She’s naked down there / Alyssa Milano 

21:00 Brian Austin Green / Megan Fox 

22:00 Rappers / Musicians 

23:00 Megan Fox / Machine gun Kelly 

24:00 Eric Andre 

25:00 Eric Andre clips with Flavor Flav 

26:00 Machine gun Kelly / blurred dick 

27:00 Look hard for dick 

28:00 Top 5 hot music videos 

29:00 Final Words - Lickity Split


Go Deep.