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Nov 16, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen dive deep on becoming a saint and how amazed all your friends would be. The Kid gets freaked out by the Dr. Nurse F Show talking about The Corona Virus but can’t stop talking about Barney’s amazing new food menu. Mr. Kleen claims that there are women who have better bodies after they plop out a little hell beast and Kid rants for a few minutes about Howard Stern and how watered down he’s become. Some bitch tries to sue her Ex because he destroyed her body with a child and some little nerd could potentially be the patron saint of the internet. We wrap up with ganging ambitions, a paster pissing on some bitch on a plane and Instagram models.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 New Stickers unopened - Hungover 

2:00 Dr. Nurse Medical stuff scares me to death 

3:00 We may need to halt traffic

4:00 Mr. Kleen smoking - Stop it  

5:00 Jesus Christ Kleen get to it 

6:00 Barney’s food 

7:00 Al Bundy - Headlines 

8:00 Mothers bodies better? Yeah right 

9:00 Boob Jobs, Implants 

10:00 Ex Wives body is fucked up 

11:00 Sued twice, Stern and Sirius 

12:00 Stern’s work schedule 

13:00 Just retire already - Watered Down Stern  

14:00 Rogan - Cash money 

15:00 Saint of the internet 

16:00 Eatables - Details on the Saint of the net 

17:00 Our friend is the patron saint of the net 

18:00 Kleen and bra buying for his daughter - Kleen Living 

19:00 Kleen the patron saint of beer 

20:00 Gangbang ambitions and competitive

21:00 Its a slurry of pre-cum 

22:00 Paster taking a pee on a plane 

23:00 Was his dick out? 

24:00 Details on peeing on her 

25:00 Coming from Vegas - Hottie 

26:00 Instagram Model - WTF  

27:00 HOTW: Vivian19941008 

28:00 China is offended by us 

29:00 Final Words - Bracelets for WWMRK Do?

Go Deep.