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Nov 23, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Endo, Hi Ho in studio and go long and strong in this one with dwarf names, short guy oral sex, ball pubes, smelly bitches and how to slither away when you blow your load way way too fast. We talk blowjob techniques, corpse sex positions and Kid gets asked to whip it out. We wrap with hand job makeouts, power tripping women and what gets hard on our bodies. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 HI HO in studio 

2:00 Back in studio in 12 Hours 

3:00 What are the 7 dwarf names

4:00 Short guys can go down on you easier 

5:00 I’m nude 

6:00 Ball and pube situation - the most ever 

7:00 This smells good down here 

8:00 I wanna hear a horror story 

9:00 Condom on and pow its over 

10:00 We should really not do this… because I blew it 

11:00 The last time I banged a Mexican 

12:00 First year of college - smelly girl 

13:00 Tasting awful shit - Tongue balloon 

14:00 She smells so not eating but I’ll fuck the stank 

15:00 I can smell myself - butthole smells 

16:00 Come on smarty on the phone 

17:00 I’ll be a corpse and stick it in your ass 

18:00 The difference between guy and girl 

19:00 Nickname is jaws - Was she toothy 

20:00 How Endo blows 

21:00 Kid whip your dick out - Litally 

22:00 Band-aid for Fauchi 

23:00 Power trip for women - Go Down 

24:00 Polished her out - Lickity Split 

25:00 Lotion and hand action makeout session 

26:00 Packin’ heat in the pants 

27:00 Girls only have nipple hardening 

28:00 Who you gonna bang

29:00 Final Words - Suck it like you like it - Hi Ho

Go Deep.