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Dec 2, 2020

IN STUDIO: Kid and Kleen go deep and talk about getting criticized by women, No mo dick, our fans all over the world, and what gender loves us more. We play a ruined version of Bad by Michael Jackson and Mr. Kleen’s fans want to see his poop shoot. We of course talk tranny’s and fatty’s and big old floppers but wrap it up with a movie review, and other crap.  The usual. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Getting criticized by women

2:00 I see my dick everyday - No more needed 

3:00 Kleen has fans now 

4:00 We all want love 

5:00 People all over hear our dumb shit 

6:00 Karaoke in the studio 

7:00 The morning dong - Youtube channel 

8:00 What if I’m trying to be fat?  

9:00 The YouTube Channel “There I ruined it” 

10:00 Michael Jackson - Bad Ruined 

11:00 Ice Ice Baby 

12:00 Our Demo - 95 percent male 

13:00 Call me Alexia 

14:00 Not so gold metal but can be a tranny now 

15:00 Alphabet cereal throwing at alphabet people 

16:00 Kleen tries to play a song - no no no 

17:00 Fatty and nudity on instagram 

18:00 Floppers covering her FUPA 

19:00 You ever have too much tittle? 

20:00 Instagram nudity policy by the sq. foot 

21:00 Take as much from the Social networks as you can 

22:00 Kid - send me a turd photo or chocolate starfish 

23:00 WTF - Before bed - headlines 

24:00 Girls with no makeup is where its at - Borate movie 

25:00 Faxing a dick pic 

26:00 Guiliani Mic pack 

27:00 Tom Hanke in Borate II 

28:00 Get ahold of us - Fans 

29:00 Final Words - Shoot yourself

Go Deep.