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Dec 3, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Endo, LB, HI HO The Thundercats get in studio where we play some aggressive voicemails from LB’s ex girlfriends baby daddy.  We make fun of nearly every aspect of this motherfucker. Kid reveals that his clothes now don’t fit because he’s hanging out with Endo and L.B. reveals that he may have been on the Mobile Patrol app. We throw down about how getting drunk gets you bruised up and missing and need some cops to help you get home and the Kid wraps the show discussing his enemies. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 All of my clothes now don’t fit me

2:00 Chasing him with Knives  

3:00 Goddamn tornado of hurricane going on here

4:00 L.B. on the mobile patrol app 

5:00 L.B. finding the cops instead of the house 

6:00 How did my shins get destroyed 

7:00 Your face hurt - Fuck yeah 

8:00 Mobile patrol app 

9:00 Cops taking your phone 

10:00 Fourteen guys dick pics 

11:00 Ex girlfriend overthinking 

12:00 Techno girl - the future relationship 

13:00 You have more of a problem - The past 

14:00 My eyes are her eyes  

15:00 A threeway chat message 

16:00 Trimming the name 

17:00 Every message left on the same night 

18:00 He slid a tracker on the car 

19:00 Bowling thing and working for the FBI 

20:00 Describing the Ex’s X 

21:00 L.B. is done with your shit 

22:00 Its a cunch without the crunch 

23:00 Call me - wife stealer - he’s coming onto you 

24:00 Maybe shit wasn’t there but now reminds me 

25:00 Talking about him for 12 years 

26:00 The Kid’s enemies 

27:00 hearing about these dudes 

28:00 Who in particular 

29:00 Final Words - Catching a vibe


Go Deep.