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Dec 8, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen make sure to ask all the right questions and the first one that pops into the mind is has Mr. Kleen banged enough chicks if he happens to catch the VID. We talk nasty shit, Kleen’s mom, Infrared Farts, People outraged over dumb shit, FUPA’s vs FUDa’s and Zaldor gets called out on the Urban Dictionary. Kleen forgets shit, laughs at nothing and we wrap with a Red Eye favorite. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Contact tracers 

2:00 If I catch this thing, I’m fine with it? 

3:00 She told me she doesn’t watch the Youtube stream 

4:00 Ruining the relationship with fat  

5:00 Music starts and clam up happens 

6:00 ADHD memories 

7:00 Gloss over the fact then fart against the wall works 

8:00 coaxing Kleen into a crop dust 

9:00 Fart so hard Kleen’s mom loses her shit 

10:00 We can’t say words - Allergy Shot 

11:00 Infrared farts 

12:00 Every time I drink i have the worst backfires ever 

13:00 Pounding beers - Baseball and being active 

14:00 FUPA 

15:00 Urban dictionary  

16:00 Kleen low talking 

17:00 List of shit / lots of technology 

18:00 Stupid fucking bullshit - Dumb advice from strippers 

19:00 People are in an outrage 

20:00 How about taking a joke assholes 

21:00 Kleen getting money and wasting it 

22:00 File for fraudulent unemployment and get a bunch of shit 

23:00 FUPA 

24:00 Zaldor correcting me - In the urban dictionary 

25:00 Audio vs Visual stuff - Come on Kleen 

26:00 Kleen forgets shit - Meijer cock rings 

27:00 Tap Detroit assholes putting stuff in the urban dictionary 

28:00 Laughing for no fucking reason 

29:00 Final Words - Red eye Wrap-up

Go Deep.