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Dec 16, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen kick some ass in this GDS with stories that include dating a massage lady, super vibrators, a new app to check out and a clip of a brother and a honkey asking which politicians have the best titties.  Spoiler alert there are some angry bitches who overhear it and fly off the deep end. We dish out a few porn star hottie of the weeks, Make Kleen dance a few times, Kid refuses to do shows on weekends now, Dr. Dre is somehow important again and we wrap it up with A directors porn star daughter and play a clips of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard yelling at each other. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Everyone is fearful and needs TP

2:00 Shop some GDS Merchandise 

3:00 Dating a massage fantasy

4:00 iFunny app - super vibrating fingers

5:00 What’s important to me is to you as well 

6:00 Mayor tits vs Kamala tits - old bitch tits  

7:00 Crazy tittie talk - mental illness in a pair of titties 

8:00 What’s your take on titties 

9:00 Kasmere 

10:00 Hottie of the Week: two porn stars 

11:00 Kleen is the DJ at the strip club

12:00 Reddit clips - Alexandra Dradario 

13:00 Race relations coming together on the titties  

14:00 One of the greatest quotes of all time  - Kleen dances

15:00 Kleen tries to say something funny

16:00 My nickname is Johnny Kilbasa - Shout out to MLY The Show

17:00 Pissing people off saying the same thing over and over  

18:00 Always eat the food where the fattest bitches are serving 

19:00 I refuse to do this shit on a weekend 

20:00 Please tell me why Dre’s wife needs to know if he knocked a bitch up 

21:00 Why do we give a flying fuck about Dr. Dre?  

22:00 Adopted daughter porn star 

23:00 Three year period where Kleen was an asshole to women 

24:00 Mom’s usually ruin shit 

25:00 Do we give two shits about your take on the nation 

26:00 Is this a black girl?  

27:00 We give you assignments or just go to hell 

28:00 Crazy bitch taking a poop - Johnny Depp Amber Heard wrap-up 

29:00 Final Words - Depp vs Heard clip

Go Deep.