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Dec 18, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen bring you so much retarded stuff you’ll wanna blow your head off.  We talk Hustler magazine, escorts and their boyfriends not giving a shit and Endo farting and buttcracks.  We play a beautiful clip of a fart compilation thanks to The Hammer  and we throw out this weeks Hottie.  Go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 The new old questions for the new girlfriend

2:00 Hustler magazine - glistening vag lips

3:00 The current magazine rack 

4:00 Dropping a load in a weird place 

5:00 Scratching my ass - Escorts and their boyfriends 

6:00 Not into the thick chicks  

7:00 Comfortable with your partner 

8:00 Women can earn more being a hooker

9:00 The pure definition of equality 

10:00 Girlfriend having sex for cash - benefits 

11:00 Phone vs tongue battle 

12:00 The downfalls of your lady getting worn out 

13:00 Using this space station angle to kill the chins 

14:00 Kleen didn’t bring a lot today WTF 

15:00 Endo showing off the curves and butt 

16:00 Shopping cart filled with then an asshole

17:00 Hammer sent in a clip to play - buttfloss 

18:00 The chicks farting compilation 

19:00 Fart compilation

20:00 Kid plays the gotcha bitch - new app 

21:00 HOTW - Brooklyn Decker 

22:00 Painting the Swimsuit girls - vs Victoria Secret  

23:00 Fat bitches taking over 

24:00 Getting super thin and passing out 

25:00 Kleen’s Cooch not into the abs - bigger dick 

26:00 Stop us from saying things 

27:00 Kick your stupid ass out 

28:00 New Social Network - New hoodie 

29:00 Final Words - Red Eye and the ball of energy  

Go Deep.