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Dec 21, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Time to offend and piss off as many people as we possibly can. Mr. Kleen talks titties… of course, we do some throwbacks to the old days of the show including our feature in the newspaper, teasers to original podfather Adam Curry’s podcast, Paralyzer’s clip talking about ordering pizza and we try to celebrate pronouns day.  We read about celebrity pastors getting a little too freaky with hookers when he’s supposed to be faithful and The Pope now says it’s okay do all sorts of extra shit with whoever you want…. or did he.  Lots of Holy Shit talk in this one. We wrap up with The Kid trying to give a shit about social networks starting to babysit every fucking word we think. Listen in and go Fucking Deep


1:00 Call and tell us to go to hell 989-331-0543 

2:00 Are titties just burned into your retina 

3:00 The original location of the GDS Studio 

4:00 Dumbasses of the world starting a podcast 

5:00 Paralyzer “ Ask her if she’s got tits!” 

6:00 Its time to educate everyone about “Pronoun Days”   

7:00 Being called wacky names because you want me to?  

8:00 Mixing up people up - The Transformers 

9:00 Mr. Kleen pretends there are only 25 special days this year 

10:00 That would be a great day to have a beer 

11:00 Johnny Kilbasa - Kilbassa man - Supreme Leader

12:00 Time for Hypocricy call out - Kid is always pissed

13:00 Just because I’m a little brown everyone forgets I have a little Hitler too 

14:00 Celebrity pastor fucks up 

15:00 Good people just do the right thing. - Women tempting pastors 

16:00 Do whatever you want - Just stop bothering me about it 

17:00 More about the girl tempting the pastor 

18:00 The Mr. Kleen sex lineup list 

19:00 The Pope says its cool to be gay now 

20:00 Jessica Hahn - Tammy Faye Baker 

21:00 No cuck porn in this household

22:00 Do what I do and not what I say  

23:00 Johnny Depp and his characters 

24:00 I can’t believe you would say that out loud - New Social 

25:00 Focus more on your own shit dumbasses  

26:00 Paralyzer’s Hottie of the Week - Adriana Lima 

27:00 Nailed it show 

28:00 Still okay but not in Victoria Secret shape - Endo chat 

29:00 Final Words - 

Go Deep.