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Dec 25, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen wishing everyone a sad and unhappy Christmas. We kick off with Kid being all pissed off about the dumb holiday we’re all supposed to buy into. We rip on Joe Rogan’s show and how it’s shit now since he’s on spotify, and somehow Kleen gets accused of having a dick in his mouth. We talk about Swinger parties, The Spinning Wheel, Kleen banging a married lady at a nasty motel, Youtube suggested videos, Greg Norman swimsuit dong, and sending a very special Christmas to the wrong person.  Listen in and go Fucking Christmas Deep. 


1:00 It’s that time of year - Kleen buys people things

2:00 Everyone is sad during the holidays 

3:00 Watching other shows. - Disappear Rogan 

4:00 Joe Rogan talking about not needing traditional media 

5:00 Rogan sucks now compared to the old show 

6:00 The question to end all questions  

7:00 Kleen with a dick in his mouth. - Warts now on tongue 

8:00 Swingers party - New Orleans covid break out 

9:00 The Spinning wheel fun 

10:00 Kleen at the swinger bar 

11:00 Saving stories for other times

12:00 Kleen getting hit on by a chick 

13:00 Going to Paul’s motel - bed bug Pauls 

14:00 Half a dozen covid people 

15:00 Time for some Hottie of the week chatter 

16:00 Youtube Algorithm

17:00 Greg Norman walking his dong 

18:00 Rose McGowan - trying a little too hard 

19:00 The Celebrity mind - Don’t even try  

20:00 Kleen and the family - Christmas stories 

21:00 Hairy Christmas - Come eat my unshaved pussy 

22:00 Its fucking nasty dude - you say nasty shit  

23:00 Sit and commentate on shows 

24:00 Gigantic fat black woman for Kleen 

25:00 Here’s your homework today - Pull these clips 

26:00 You get all the bullshit - Chink Midget fight

27:00 Video of Midget Chinks 

28:00 A couple thousand midgets 

29:00 Final Words - Paralyzer’s mom and Dan Harris 

Go Deep.