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Dec 28, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen kick things off with an old fan favorite… the one and only Spoo.  We also get a call from Wally and he’s pissed his pants. Kid teases a new segment coming up that revolves around one of our mothers and we tell you how to get service at Best Buy.  We dive into some pretty heavy news including a women who injured her pussy with a saber saw and some asshole who jammed cement up his asshole. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kleen and Cooch banging

2:00 Spoo call in and leaves a message 

3:00 Say the words you want - Good words 

4:00 Wally is a public service announcement 

5:00 Wally Loves us  

6:00 Paralyzer’s Mom  

7:00 Mr. Kleen’s Covid message 

8:00 Mr. Kleen’s Trump message 

9:00 Best Buy is like Toys ‘R Us for adults 

10:00 There for 45 minutes with no service 

11:00 Kleen drinks for using the word often

12:00 Rage against the salesperson 

13:00 88 inch television 

14:00 Illegally recording everyone 

15:00 The only way to consume is through the TV/Internet 

16:00 A numbered scoreboard 

17:00 Two Hundred Times - Angela White 

18:00 80s and 90s Porno - British are Cumming 

19:00 Is she a corpse now? 

20:00 Everyone has a preference 

21:00 Dildo attached to a saber saw 

22:00 Sex machines   

23:00 Paint coming from the butt 

24:00 That one was splatter 

25:00 The queef effect 

26:00 Cement up the asshole 

27:00 Rectal cement 

28:00 Pull that cement out 

29:00 Final Words -  

Go Deep.