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Dec 30, 2020

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen and Endo in studio talk a ton about sex toys.  Kid flips the fuck out when Endo starts yammering on flicking her phone around.  We talk Dildos, Lovers Lane awkward sales people, old guys and cock rings.  Kleen tells us about the time he had a chick fuck his nut up, how its effected bjs and tag team sex. Endo discusses how low maintenance she is then gives Kid shit about being a fatso-phobe but then gets called out for the exact same thing. Kid encourages everyone to get some guest in of all shapes, sizes and whatever gender you like to stick in your mouth. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Head to the Goin’ Deep Show store at

2:00 Spotify rundown of podcasts  

3:00 How many countries and downloads do we get 

4:00 Kleen walks in and wants to talk stories 

5:00 Criticisms - Lovers lane dildo poop 

6:00 adjustable bumper for your bed  

7:00 Sanitizing at the Lovers Lane

8:00 Social Distancing naturally 

9:00 Hurry up and leave me alone 

10:00 A better selection of sex shit 

11:00 The cock ring out with the ball wrap

12:00 Prefer pulling only on the right one 

13:00 Tag team back and forth 

14:00 Revenge sex 

15:00 Endo’s hair appointment 

16:00 We make terrible decisions on who we hang out with

17:00 What if Kid has milky tits - Don’t assume my gender 

18:00 Huge fat fucks on the wall - 80percent of America 

19:00 I don’t won’t shows with fatsos in it 

20:00 Bring in some fat fags to convince me otherwise

21:00 I wanna be called this 

22:00 Doing guest relations. - Bring em in.  

23:00 Vibrating tongue thing 

24:00 Have you and Cooch gone and picked anything up 

25:00 A regular stop at the sex shop 

26:00 Daily but the kid is here - Flickin’ her shit 

27:00 Goin’ Through puberty - Semi molested 

28:00 No social gathering - school gathering 

29:00 Final Words -  Bring them fuckers in

Go Deep.