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Jan 8, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1631

We play video game talk in this one, Zaldor is joining us from the line at the local Covid vaccination location. We recap our amazing tumblr that we used to have before the kicked our dumbass out. We try to catch up on the pornhub deletion of millions of videos and talk about how Howard Stern is now being criticized since he’s sign the big contract. We play a clip of a little brother catching his parents and wrap with a Hottie of the week. Go Deep. 


1:00 Where to participate with us 

2:00 Calling Zaldor about game stuff 

3:00 Cyberpunk game  

4:00 Naked almost dead chick in a bathtub 

5:00 Kleen would make a girl avatar 

6:00 Leisure suit Larry  

7:00 Kill people and get weapons and make money 

8:00 City in Canada associated with Satan worship 

9:00 Mass deletion of the porn videos on pornhub 

10:00 Rape or kid crap on the pornhub site 

11:00 The tumblr site for the gds was insane

12:00 Screengrabs of the stats on the site 

13:00 Tumblr locked me out five years ago 

14:00 The new tumblr 

15:00 Automation capabilities at tumblr 

16:00 Snowflake people are coming for us

17:00 Zaldor freezing his ballsack off 

18:00 Tons of Stern stuff on Youtube 

19:00 Howard’s an asshole - everybody hates him 

20:00 Little brotha catching his parents banging 

21:00 What you hear?  

22:00 Give me some more  

23:00 Worried about side effects 

24:00 Anal leakage 

25:00 Raspberry ball dip 

26:00 Lana Rhodes 

27:00 Discovering Lana Rhodes 

28:00 Making silencers for the mafia 

29:00 Final Words - Kleen it if its dirty 

Go Deep.