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Feb 8, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1650

Kid and Kleen welcome all of you to what you already know.  It’s The Goin’ Deep Show. In this episode we dive hard into the new VIP website for those special enough to know about it. We ask about other shows like our very own. Kid thinks Endo likes nasty cum smells and we talk about some Apple shit, Midgets riding black cock, Tiger Woods and stupid fucking hair on hot chicks. Listen in and  Go Deep.


1:00 Welcome - Organization

2:00 Where to watch the show

3:00 The new Fallen VIP area

4:00 The drunk hand thing baby ruth

5:00 Create the brand - do this do that

6:00 Satan to half the world   

7:00 We’re fucking retards

8:00 Apple Podcast app - whoopty do

9:00 Listening to 3 shows

10:00 Naughty Katie something

11:00 Support what you listen to

12:00 Endo smells my jacking

13:00 Apple figuring shit out

14:00 Apple products

15:00 Shave his head - mini me

16:00 Midget riding a black guy

17:00 Midget Titty

18:00 Secret new location site

19:00 Ambitions in life 

20:00 Baby oil wrestling

21:00 He had a good season 

22:00 Chicks licking sucking fucking 

23:00 Tiger Woods cheating scandal

24:00 Good mother shit 

25:00 Kleen should be selfish 

26:00 Its against the Kid’s religion

27:00 Bang haircuts

28:00 Queens Gambit shit

29:00 Final Words -  Don’t murder or hurt anyone

Go Deep.