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Feb 9, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1653

Kid and Kleen talk about celebs making memories stretching out the vagina, how amazing it would be to bleach Marylin Monroe’s pubes and how and who has butthole bleaching done. We discuss black history month and Bill Cosby not washing his dirty ass so he can avoid anal rape and covid. A new Met General Manager sends a few dick pics, and We throw down a Hottie of the week revisited. Listen in. Go Deep.


1:00 Hijacked #baycitypodcast

2:00 Salted Carmel Latte 

3:00 Dedicating yourself

4:00 Wafflehouse Beer

5:00 Tom Jones dong

6:00 Pussy Shredder 

7:00 If I had a big old hog 

8:00 Kid and Readings

9:00 Name Dropping

10:00 Painful horrible stitch sex

11:00 She had to go pee wee

12:00 Marylin Monroe Pubes

13:00 Hot Latina

14:00 Gray Pube

15:00 Marylin Twat process

16:00 Butthole Bleaching

17:00 Absolute the best hottie 

18:00 Suggesting not to ware panties 

19:00 Black History - Bill Cosby not showering

20:00 I can see where that might be it

21:00 Chowing on the puss

22:00 Sending dirty text messages 

23:00 Former Cub GM sending dick pics

24:00 Erect naked wang

25:00 Ignoring messages from Hamilton Porter

26:00 The Great Hambino 

27:00 Beating like a redheaded step child

28:00 Kaytlin J. Anderson

29:00 Final Words - 989-331-0543

Go Deep.