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Feb 11, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1655

Kid and Kleen tell you how to burn down a satanic house, watching 1,000 lb women pretend to be celebs and Kid develops a game show that will become something real. Kleen brings up Creepy Joe, Orange Juice ads that piss people off and we wrap up with God Music vs Devil Music. Oh and a reporter gets yelled at live. Go Deep.


1:00 Finger blast a bitch

2:00 Contact the show

3:00 Fun little playground - fuck off

4:00 Stuck in the prime of their life

5:00 Belief in Family vs Belief in boner

6:00 1,000 lb sisters 

7:00 I need 1,500 pound sisters

8:00 Sneaking in after hours

9:00 Big Warehouse cooking weight loss game

10:00 Bacon and Chocolate

11:00 Banging next to a road

12:00 Sundress and a bang on second base

13:00 Orange Juice apology time

14:00 I can’t be reminded of that shit

15:00 Parents Tropicana Mimossa

16:00 The weight off your shoulders

17:00 Pornhub deletion worry

18:00 New Admin taking on porn

19:00 Censorship of Social

20:00 Will you still be able to jerk it

21:00 Church of Satan gets burned

22:00 Christians hipocrocy 

23:00 People from India

24:00 God music sucks

25:00 Satan Time

26:00 Satan Jacks to Jesus Music

27:00 TV Reporter sex crime 

28:00 Cliche - Fuck her right in the pussy

29:00 Final Words - Reach us at studio@goindeepshow

Go Deep.