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Feb 18, 2021

Goin' Deep Show 1660

Kleen’s drinking moonshine and starting to slur, interruptions abound. We play our new favorite song, talk about what age oral songs are not appealing then describe one of the latest masterpieces in music video.  Kleen reveals he still buys DVDs and lives in 1997 and we wrap up some Pam Anderson headlines and some rockin’ music from a local friend. Go Deep.


1:00 He’s a badass that motherfuck - cold

2:00 The list III things

3:00 Pull the George Castanza

4:00 Looking through sketchbooks

5:00 You wrote a name you did something

6:00 Orel Hershiser 

7:00 Kid doesn’t give a flying fuck

8:00 Who wrote this shit

9:00 Goddamn piece of shit ad

10:00 My new favorite song

11:00 My new favorite song continues

12:00 New Favorite song continues

13:00 Song Continues

14:00 Your kids birth control 

15:00 Kleen posted on the Fallen

16:00 Becoming an old fucker

17:00 The Hook of the song

18:00 Kleen swing and a miss adhd

19:00 The video description

20:00 A tongue full of load

21:00 Always having two screens

22:00 Throat Baby 

23:00 First girls of the internet

24:00 Looking up Pam’s social stuff

25:00 Why are you still buying DVDs

26:00 Kleen stop with the details

27:00 Stealing music - play it

28:00 Stop with the details and names

29:00 Final Words -  Throat Babies

Go Deep.