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Feb 19, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1661

Kid and Kleen come up with a new holiday, play a clip of Kelly Ann Conway’s daughter who’s pissed at her mommy, Kid fills us in on how tittie nipples have brail on them with all the worlds problems figured out. We talk about our favorite teachers, superior humans, and different races getting along. Go Deep.


1:00 The Back Catalog sucking

2:00 What I want on the site

3:00 No-one wants to fuck you

4:00 Crumbling destruction

5:00 Gotta have some curves - roundness

6:00 Chinc-o De Mayo 

7:00 Adam Curry laughed at CamelToe Day

8:00 Clip - Little brotha yelling at Asian lady

9:00 Give me my motherfucking change

10:00 Elliot Page

11:00 Kleen’s views - Kelly Ann Conway’s daughter

12:00 Mother-daughter fights

13:00 Wings - Dumb fucking wings

14:00 The picture to use against me

15:00 Is it really that insane. 

16:00 Privileged white bitch

17:00 Titties have the answers 

18:00 Squeezing tits and the sizes

19:00 Kleen got squirted

20:00 It’s awesome - Teacher prison time

21:00 Two years in prison for teacher

22:00 Nothing new here women are fucked   

23:00 Live coach stripper pastor mode …. etc.   

24:00 Superior human hypocrites

25:00 Words of advice

26:00 Black History Month Hottie

27:00 Dildo on the shelf

28:00 Brotha working with Mexicans

29:00 Final Words - Go Deep

Go Deep.