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Mar 16, 2021

Goin' Deep Show 1678

Kleen is all about testing out that Gorilla Glue’d hair by slamming a chick with a bat. Yes, you heard it first. Kid plays a blast from the past clip of Rogue licking titties and we do a few stories of lawyers banging in jail and no sex at the Olympics. Go Deep.


1:00 The Kid and the wake-up process

2:00 Blast from the GDS past - Episode 781

3:00 Rogue and the titties getting sucked

4:00 The Tit in the mouth story

5:00 Show both those things

6:00 How long was this? 

7:00 Humpday chaos

8:00 Kid and staying up late

9:00 Kleen and facial hair

10:00 We’re all the same color on the inside

11:00 Guys can be just as vain as women

12:00 Kid loves being triggered 

13:00 The calculating Kid

14:00 Eat shit ya sick twisted bitch

15:00 Kleen sending ass and tittie stuff through insta

16:00 Already following

17:00 Businesses have to do that now

18:00 Dumb bitch with gorilla glue in her hair

19:00 Turn a lemon into lemonade

20:00 Kids eyebrow and Kleen’s lit popsicle

21:00 Lawyer banged and porno film at the jail

22:00 County Jail porno films 

23:00 Exhibitionist fetish shit

24:00 No sex at the Olympics

25:00 The village of hot athletes banging

26:00 No physical contact during Olympics

27:00 Kleen being a gentleman - rogue clip 2

28:00 Covid Kids - waiting to bang

29:00 Final Words - Shoninzo tease

Go Deep.