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Mar 18, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1680

Kid and Kleen check out Olivia Newton John’s daughter. Tell everyone that fatty’s love to have their face fucked so hard and we play some clips of two “tiny” ladies go at it. We talk about an idiot who is complaining about a threesome and preview a shoninzo porno. Go Deep.


1:00 Using wider cameras for fat

2:00 Kleen’s fetish for short women

3:00 Flexing her butt-cheekage

4:00 Doing 2-3 shots at a time

5:00 Choking the Kid out

6:00 My own words and brains 

7:00 I can’t be associated - different hats

8:00 Something special - Australians

9:00 Fourth sexiest country - Olivia Newton John

10:00 Titties

11:00 Showing off the Boo Bays

12:00 33 year old jerk material 

13:00 Watching movies without the phone

14:00 Awful terrible treat - The Not

15:00 Kleen’s trivia question

16:00 Gravitational pull of the cheeks

17:00 Two fatsos talking to each other

18:00 My bills are payed

19:00 Gastric Bypass

20:00 I can’t do it - ya fucking idiot

21:00 Know what’s what - traditional way

22:00 Wife decides not to handle threesome 

23:00 With his pee pee

24:00 Everybody’s feelings can’t be hurt

25:00 Sex life was amazing

26:00 Tit for Tat

27:00 Play with her - but i wanna fuck her

28:00 Extra persons in the mix

29:00 Final Words -  New old ways to get your girl off

Go Deep.