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Mar 24, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1684

We abduct the pizza boy named Alien and gift him a poster of a threesome in this one. We discuss mirrors on ceilings, pants with words on the ass, jerking off while driving, flashing tits at a drive-thru, how to get cover, and the pizza guy has all the right answers.  Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona along with Silverback are in on this one.  Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 The threesome poster

2:00 Silverbacks best line ever

3:00 Gettysburg address butt

4:00 What will you do with this poster

5:00 Two girls one dude

6:00 The boys and girls club

7:00 Mirrors at Silverbacks house

8:00 Silverback and the mirrors

9:00 Your prime 

10:00 Its too late - play on words 

11:00 All men say they can keep up

12:00 Jerking while driving  

13:00 Flash the boobs to the Taco Bell guy 

14:00 Shits floating in the face 

15:00 Pizza delivery guy 

16:00 Did someone say extra sausage - Pizza man

17:00 Yes she barely was wearing clothes 

18:00 Getting pulled into a studio 

19:00 Mirrored ceilings at hotel 

20:00 Thinking about that after the fact 

21:00 What’s on tap 

22:00 Shared my english muffin  

23:00 Don’t hear the load sfx 

24:00 How much have you spent on condoms 

25:00 Undivided attention to kids 

26:00 Pulling his dong out of a diaper 

27:00 Giving the pizza guy the poster 

28:00 Alien has all the right relationship answers 

29:00 Final Words - Who’s your valentine 

Go Deep.