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Mar 26, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1686

Kid reveals that he has a hard time being coaxed into anything with money. Kleen tries to bribe with beer and somehow gets paint involved.  We throw out to a local that Kleen gives a two strong thumbs up to. We throw shouts to a new listener who loves Raven Riley and we talk about rubbing your dick raw. Kid reveals how to test someone's concentration and what political chick we’d throw it in. Kid recaps Zaldor eating his microphone and how much we love girl shit. Go Deep.


1:00 Proper camera - Split cam

2:00 Kid loves the SJW

3:00 Life is too short for gardening equipment

4:00 ATM action - peeing in eyeballs

5:00 Banner ads - hatred towards ads

6:00 Chuck Berry - Shoninzo

7:00 Shoninzo rubbing his dick raw

8:00 Small tiny bumps

9:00 Poster with the headlights on

10:00 Huge titties

11:00 Fuck advertising - greed

12:00 Kleen says throw up on it

13:00 New listener - RMorleyjr59

14:00 The Raven Riley video

15:00 Jesus H. Christ - Adjust the pants

16:00 Moonshine failure

17:00 Gangbang video concentration

18:00 Sarah Palin porn remake

19:00 Do you even know how long ago that was?

20:00 White guys feelings don’t matter

21:00 GDS on Zaldor’s world 

22:00 Kleen’s nonsense - Shoninzo fail 

23:00 Zaldor live - Girlfriends

24:00 Zaldor mic loudness

25:00 Questions about investment

26:00 Ladies go have 100 percent of your shit

27:00 Camera switcheroo

28:00 Kleen’s still a freak

29:00 Final Words -  Zaldor moving

Go Deep.