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Mar 29, 2021

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1687

We realize big mombo jom-bo’s can handle it if you slap em around a little more. Kid realizes he’s living in his new website, Salute our friend Dutch who sideswipes us with some graphic content, We talk about fatties on TV, Instagram being big fat fucking pussies, dirty Cooch, 14,000 pussies and Kendall Jenner dazzling Mr. Kleen with her hips. We wrap up with a stunning hottie and we make Kleen do math when he ads up his conquests. Go Deep. 


1:00 Any time Kleen references a date or time

2:00 Instagram and the whip of a tit

3:00 I live in the Fallen

4:00 Advertising world creeping on on everything

5:00 Wide open public WTF 

6:00 Holy Shit - Salute Dutch

7:00 Locked away little place

8:00 Keeping the retards away

9:00 Kid wants everyone involved

10:00 Compared to the Phenom 

11:00 Consume everything - Greed

12:00 Kleen’s got a beer for ya -  

13:00 450 lb sisters 

14:00 Kleen appreciating bikini bottoms 

15:00 Kendall hip action 

16:00 The Church of dumbs

17:00 You just can’t slam em around as hard 

18:00 Talking about drool worthy things 

19:00 Dirty Cooch Texting 

20:00 Seeing who you connected with 

21:00 She’s swiping on the ugly bitches 

22:00 I like it. Lets continue with that  

23:00 being green - 14,000 pussies 

24:00 Kleen’s number and doing math 

25:00 Why is it a rude picture - She asked for it 

26:00 Why does it have to be a dream 

27:00 Kleen and the transitions - Whoa! 

28:00 Kleen’s love of Jaime Presley 

29:00 Final Words - Tig old Biddies

Go Deep.